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Aerial photo of wave resort new construction in Long Branch nj

Kushner Companie’s Wave Resort hotel, the carousel and The Lofts at Pier Village by Extell Development, in Long Branch, NJ

construction progress aerial drone photos

The early days of The Reef (L) and Aqua Vista (R) construction in Long Branch, New Jersey. This project is a redevelopment of a commercial property adjacent to Seven Presidents Park.

This orthomosaic was created with about 400 individual photos. Images like this show the site conditions and allows the viewer to zoom in for tremendous detail. This image is sized down for the website but the original is over 20,000 pixels long. 
Orthomosaic images can be produced with ground control which allows for accurate size, shape and location as well as cut and fill. The process can also produce a topographic survey, DSM, DTM, and 3-D model.

This is a sample volumetric report from a stockpile analysis. In addition to the figures, the summary explains the details of the conditions and how they might have affected the analysis.

In this case we analyzed the site with two different software solutions to compare the results. Despite the challenging conditions the results from the two programs were less than 5% different.


Aerial drone volumetric analysis of stockpiles
Before and after images show effects of erosion over time

This digital surface model (DSM) was created at East Point Lighthouse along New Jersey’s southern coast. The differences in elevation as changers were made to the site are noted with the arrows. The area on the left side of the images is the Delaware bay. Water doesn’t reproduce well in photogrammetry because the images can not be aligned with each other. Sometimes this area is filled in with photos of the water or just blocked out.

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